Business Training DVDs Show 5 Critical Abilities of CEOs

There are five essential qualities that 70 CEOs reveal lead to ultimate success, based on the NYTs.
We’re detailing them in this article as well as contributing some good examples of CEOs or innovators that are featured within our leadership development training videos on-line:

1. Fervent Interest: Asking “why” questions unearths possibilities. Simply “because it’s usually done this way” doesn’t suggest there isn’t a better way to achieve it or perhaps a chance to innovate.

Business Training DVDs for Effective Management Skills• On-line Leadership Video Lessons: Body Shop founder Anita Roddick,Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Intel’s Andy Grove are some of the great entrepreneurs on video who show how they actually considered innovation and opportunities.

2. Confidence from Adversity: This is that skill that only experience teaches. How does a leader or manager respond to a setback? Do they blame or take ownership of a setback? Perseverance is also a key trait to conquering adversity. Can the leader ‘fail quickly’ re-energize and tackle the next battle.

Business Training DVDs: Richard Branson, founding father of Virgin refers to this as failing quickly to ensure you become successful a lot quicker.

3. Team Intelligence: Leaders who sense the character of their employees. They can tell how people respond to each other, not only how they act. A lot of teams these days are random created around a task or goal. But, the true mark of a leader is in co-opting support from people who just want to work for you.

• Management Video Tutorials: Bill Bradley, former NBA basketball superstar, a specialist at team building, says excellent leadership and your own happiness is far more about “we” than “I” and ensuring that the full team wins.

4. A Straightforward Mind-Set:  the ability to get right to the “point” immediately. You’ve seen lengthy oral presentations or reports and how they’re designed to show how much someone has learned or has researched an issue. Anybody can acquire data on-line. The actual value is in synthesizing it and finding the opportunities through disparate information.

• Business training videos on-line: America online founder Steve Case explains how he intensely listens after asking a question and looks for patterns to the information.  Yes, and connecting the actual dots.

5. Fearlessness: Entrepreneurs possess this in piles. It’s that power to consider calculated risk and be uncomfortable. Ursula M. Burns, Leader of Xerox, says, “One of the things that I characterize as fearlessness is seeing a chance, despite the fact that the situation is actually broken.”

• On-line Intel co-founder Andy Grove is a great illustration of courageousness. He bet Intel’s future on micro-computer chips when Intel could have easily sat back reaping the monetary benefits of creating chips for mainframe computer systems.

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