What does it take to be a Leader?

…not a manager..but a leader.  The difference is that wide gapkey leadership skills video training between execution and vision.  E-Myth considers the following to be the five core effective leadership skills. We’ve added examples of successful leaders who demonstrate these skills:

1.Vision This is the ability to formulate ideas about the business or parts of the business; to understand opportunities or the need for change; to create a mental picture of what the business will be in the future; and to articulate all of that clearly in words and images. At the highest level, it’s the creation of the entrepreneur’s dream.

Vision: Richard Branson or Anita Roddick

2.Discrimination being able to see what’s important, to understand the available choices, and to make sound, practical decisions. Discrimination is free-form decision making rather than rule-based decision making. It’s knowing what questions to ask, and being able to answer them in the absence of rules or previous experience.

Discrimination: Stephen Covey or Andy Grove(Intel), Steve Case (AOL)

3.Strategic Thinking The ability to see the big picture and devise an effective path — the right actions — that will lead to realizing the vision. Inventing “the rules of your game” (as Michael Gerber puts it) and creating your business philosophy and key policies.

Strategic Thinking: Andy Grove, Charles Schwab, Howard Schultz (Starbucks)

4.Commitment This is the determination and energy to follow through and make the vision a reality even in the face of obstacles, opposition, uncertainty, and risk. Without an underlying passion for your vision, commitment is difficult to maintain.

Commitment: Dennis Conner (4X America’s Cup Winner)

5.Inspirational Communication This is the skill of communicating vision and strategy, and being able to infuse the organization with enthusiasm, dedication, and some of your own spirit and passion.

Inspirational Communication: Jack Welch, Anita Roddick, Steve Case(founder of AOL)

One way to “learn” or adapt leadership skills is to see how “the pros” or successful leaders have done it. How have they faced adversity or challenges and brought their teams to success?  

Success Television has a large library of online videos of successful great leaders who share how they succeeded. They not only tell you how to do it but show you and your team good leadership skills.

Wisdom of Caring Leaders Elearning

Key Leadership Skills Videos/DVD

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